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Migrating to V1

Options Changed

1.spec - Can now be a path to a local file or an absolute url. You can now also point to an entrypoint for your multi-file OpenAPI definition and we will bundle it for you.

  1. routePath -> route (optional) - This still works the same, but is just optional now.

  2. redocOptions -> options (optional) - We have removed some defaults (downloadUrl used to be hidden by default) and leave the customization to the user now.

Options Removed

  1. specUrl - This is now automatically handled by the package depending on the type of spec passed. We will bundle your definitions into a single downloadable YAML and add it as a static asset at build time.

  2. addRoute - This is no longer needed since route is now optional, so if you don't need a route just don't pass it.

  3. apiDocComponent - This is no longer needed now since we provide a react-hook useSpecData to load plugin data that can be used with the @theme/Redoc component.

Component Changes

Experimental @theme/ServerStyle Removed

Now build time/server side rendering works for everyone be default without needing to do anything.

@theme/Redoc and @theme/ApiDoc prop changes

Instead of parsing api files yourself to pass to Redoc, we now have a new hook @theme/useSpecData to load yaml files and the result can be directly passed to @theme/Redoc.

import React from 'react';
import Layout from '@theme/Layout';
import Redoc from '@theme/Redoc';
import useSpecData from '@theme/useSpecData';

function CustomPage() {
const specData = useSpecData('using-custom-layout');
return (
title="Custom Layout Docs"
description="Example showing custom layout"
<Redoc {...specData} />

export default CustomPage;